Leif Totusek 1-2-3 GO Album

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Contact: 206.323.1139 for Bookings
email: freestylecandela@yahoo.com
Album Notes
1-2-3 Sparks, Totusek. Jones entitled “GO
(Leif Totusek – guitar, Phil Sparks – bass, Larry Jones, drums)
A Seattle based jazz trio featuring original compositions and more…


Track listing

1) sMiles Down (Totusek) 6:35
2) A Shade of Jade (Henderson) 4:46
3) Duniya (Maal/Sow) 4:37
4) Tsunami (Jones) 7:56
5) Oiseau (Totusek) 4:01
6) Arne’s House (Totusek) 4:01
7) What if? (Sparks) 4:26
8) Take the E Line (Totusek) 2:58
9) Sema (Diabaté) 6:17

Recorded @ Quiet Please Recordings by John Metzler. Mastered by Mel Dettmer @ Studio Soli. © all rights reserved 2014. Painting by James Prouty. Graphics by Candela Avenue Studio.


Thursday Feb 4 Seattle Art Museum
Leif Totusek & 1-2-3 (Seattle Art Museum) Here’s a chance to catch one of our city’s finest jazz trios. Composed of Leif Totusek on Fender Stratocaster, Phil Sparks on bass and Larry Vincent Jones on drums. 1-2-3 digs into mixed bag of past gems and rumba-influenced originals. They know how to hit from the hip, play it loose, and have fun. James Kirchmer – The Seattle Stranger

Leif Totusek & 1-2-3 (700 Club)
Guitarist Leif Totusek, leader of the soukous-jazz band Freestyle Candela, slings rings of bright harmonies around the tunes he plays, reconstructing standards, latin jazz, and original compositions with African magic. Bassist Phil Sparks plays with warmth and soul, always managing to hit the notes you need to hear at the right time. Larry Jones’ drumming is lush, capable of captivating a night club full of listeners all to his
own. The Trio’s soon-to-be released will explain everything – on the demo tape, their music sounds like something all three of these men are meant to be playing. Trey Hatch – The Seattle Stranger
Feb 26- Leif Totusek & 1-2-3 Guitarist Leif Totusek who is best known as a player of African popular music, appears in his new lineup with two top local talents. Phil Sparks, bass and Larry Jones, drums, in a world-jazz trio that combines the best of the two realms

Rainbow – The Seattle Weekly

Leif Totusek & 1-2-3 (Rainbow) Best known as the flamboyant leader of Freestyle Candela, Seattle Premier African rumba band; Leif Totusek brings his infectious brand of soukous guitar into the realm with his fine trio, featuring Phil Sparks on bass and Larry Vincent Jones on drums. Utilizing the best-heavy influence of African music. 1-2-3 weaves sophisticated poly rhythms around blues, standards and Totuseks originals.
Those in attendance will appreciate the rare pleasure of hearing jazz blossom from one of its strongest, deepest roots. James West – The Seattle Weekly



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